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Customer Comment

John MC Henry. UK

"Have to say I was a bit concerned the first time I placed an order via your website as I was not certain.. I mean, who has ever heard of a funny name like trains4sale? Anyway, my order arrived in perfect condition and exactly as advertised. I\'m very thankful for your integrity and prompt response to my enquiry. Will certainly make another purchase!"

Customer Feedback

Patrick Duncan, KZN

"Thanks buddy for giving me the heads up on the auction you ran in March. I was able to place my bid in good time and secured a great deal on the Marklin item. I have been after this model for a long time, now it is finally mine, and at a fraction of what it would have cost me! Perfect condition, clearly never run - a true collectors item indeed! Thankyou, Thankyou!"

Customer Feedback

Gavin Oosthuizen, Richardsbaai

"Just wanted to say thankyou for sourcing the loco I needed for the train consist. I have been unable to find this item on ebay or anywhere else and have been looking for quite a while now. Not sure how you got hold of it so quickly, or how you were able to offer it to me at that price- I still believe you did yourself in on this deal, as you could have easily charged me three time what you did! Excellent Service!"

Customer Comment

Neels Fourie, Western Cape

"It has been some time since I first came across your website, and while I have been keeping an eye on some items, I never really got to the point of actually ordering anything from you guys. Unfortunately my reluctance to commit has caused me to loose out on some massive discounts and savings- sad to say but, some great opportunities to own Top Quality collectors items have come and gone. Not anymore! I am now watching your site and have a wish list. Thanks for my last order, received it in good time and in good order. Has been a pleasure dealing with you."